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18 Feb, 2020
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Waste management:

Waste: Waste defined as unusable or unwanted material which is useless after some time use. 

Waste Management refers to managing waste by using different techniques like composting, recycling, etc. It implies gathering, moving, preparing and recycling the waste material. It is helpful to recover the valuable assets from the waste. The waste is to managed include all the waste like- solid waste, liquid waste, etc. Waste Management starting from the point of collection and end to the recycling means that waste management covers form start to finish. Waste Management is all the activities required to manage the waste for reuse of the waste material of households and business organizations. 

Methods for waste management:

There are recycling techniques to manage the waste that GLORIFY GARBAGE uses. But we all can manage the waste by using many methods like - Recycling, Landfills, Composting, etc. GLORIFY GARBAGE works on Recycling because we are just working in Non-biodegradable waste like- glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, and e-waste, etc. Recycling refers to the processing used materials to make a new product to manage waste.  We can use other methods to manage waste like landfills and composting etc. Landfills refer to the process of waste management focuses attention on put the waste material in the land for reducing diseases. And composting includes the process of the plants and kitchen waste turns into natural food for the plants. 

Types of waste:

1). Industrial waste:

The industrial waste includes the waste which is generated from the factories and industries. like- plastic, glass, metal, etc.

2). Commercial waste:

Commercial waste is created from universities, business organizations, shops, etc. examples of commercial waste like- paper, e-waste, etc. are considered commercial waste.

3). Domestic waste:

Domestic waste includes the waste which generated form the household activities. like- bottles, cans, vegetable peels, etc. are domestic waste. 

4). Agricultural waste:

Cattle feed, fertilizers, and pesticide containers are included in agricultural waste.

Importance of waste management

To the environmental point of view:

Waste management just only to maintaining the cleanliness of the environment in fact also taking care of better health of the people. Another reason for waste management is if we manage the waste we will be able to protect the beauty and natural resources of the earth. 

To generate money through waste management:

We can generate money through waste management by selling reusable products and papers to producers. And also we can generate money by starting a waste picking business. In many ways, we can generate money by doing waste management.


Through recycling, we can use useless items many times to manage the waste and also we can generate business opportunities through recycling.

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