The Choice Is Yours- Save It Or Waste It (planet Earth): Glorify Garbage

22 Apr, 2020
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Earth Day has been celebrated at the height of spring, on April 22nd, similarly as the rain gives way to the sun’s soft rays, gently animating creatures from their winter sleep. On this representative date, the planet's whole populace is assembled to come and compose festivities as occasions that serve to ensure and improve the earth. Earth Day is something the entire family can celebrate together in a variety of ways at home and in the community,

Factories etc. were booming but so was the production of air pollution and environmental waste. Unlike today, the health of the planet was not a high priority for most people primarily because they were unaware of the dangerous side effects of common everyday practices. Small groups of individuals were, however, aware of the deterioration of the world around them and began to take steps to inform the public. 

We all are at home nowadays and the reason behind this CORONA virus (COVID-19) we all can celebrate Earth Day at home.


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